Mai Thien Van live at the Winstar World Luxenburg Casino with Hoang Thi Thi band Feb 17 2013 www.5mmusic.com.


Mai Thien Van live at the Winstar World Online Casino Luxenburg with Strikerz band, Nov 18 2012. www.5mmusic.com.


Live from the Winstar World Luxenburg Casino Toc Tien and the Strikerz band. Nov 24 2013 www.5mmusic.com.



Dan Nguyen live at the Winstar World Online Casino Luxenburg Feb 9 2014 with the Strikerz band. www.5mmusic.com.


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In today’s video, as a current beta tester for the TDU World online mod, I am finally allowed to part some content! So today we play some TDU2 online starting with some cruising, co-driving, racing, and of course the Online Casino Luxenburg! I should note the Online Casino Luxenburg will not be available at the launch of TDU World and will come at a later date. Find all information on TDU World below!

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TDU2 Steam Key Europe (G2A)

TDU2 Steam Key North Worldwide (G2A)

Previous TDU World Video: https://youtu.be/MfNEC8iIJuY

TDU World Discord: https://discord.gg/WVAmuf2tAr
TDU World Info: https://turboduck.net/forums/topic/37540-tdu-world-november-2020-update/

Check out Lewis’ channel here! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpidyoK9c7J0A1l2hH1CDfA

0:00 - Интро
1:55 – Cruising
8:28 – Racing
12:07 – Online Casino Luxenburg

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Outro: Flavr Boy – Pain 1993 Instrumental Remake

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Welcome to “Julia’s Travel Salon”- a place to (virtually) discover and revel in different French regions with notable local experts.

For the 2nd installment in my series on Paris, we’re focusing on one of the most exciting periods in modern Parisian history: the Jazz Age! If you’re a fan of the movie “Midnight in Paris”, you’ll have some idea of this period – think Picasso, Hemingway, and Gertrude Stein… but my dear friend, Julia Browne, will join us to reveal some of the secrets of those jubilant years between the two World Wars.

Julia, now based in Montreal, lived in Paris for years and has been leading tours in France since the ’90’s through her company “Walking the Spirit Tours”. She’ll explain how Paris embraced the expat Worldwides after WWI, many of whom were Black, and their new ideas – especially jazz music. Julia will percentage stories of the famous names, like Josephine Baker and Ada “Bricktop” Smith, as well as some of the lesser known heroes of the era. She’ll also let us know how where we can still find evidence of “Harlem in Montmartre” in Paris even today, and we’ll all discuss how this era impacts society today, 100 years later.

Join us with your favorite beverage (perhaps a coup de champagne?) and your curiosity, and let’s immerse ourselves in “Les Années folles”!


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